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Phrase "Hecha en Tecate Baja California Mexico". Ground view from train tracks facing the Tecate factory.

Born and brewed in the land we are proud to share our name with: Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. A magnificent borderland that embraces what it means to be "de aquí y de allá."

More about our origins
Bigger Tecate® Original 4.5% alcohol volume 12 oz can, red with a thick silver strip from half of the can leaving a small red space on top. Phrase "With ingredients de aquí y de allá"
Icon of a hops flower in yellow, pointing down.


Sometimes referred to as "beer flowers", hops are green, cone shaped, and used primarily for bittering and flavouring of beer.

Icon of two barley stems simple design in yellow, on the left a bigger one and on the right a smaller one.


First steeped in fresh clean water, barley grains are then dried to make what many know to be malt.

Icon of three water droplets in yellow, falling down on a puddle with ripples.


Pure, fresh and clean, water is a vital ingredient that is in every Tecate®. No compromises.